Monday, July 18, 2011

Iron Man

Final!  Red metal is hard.  That's what I learned here.  Not that I didn't know going in, it was part of the challenge to do this one...but I think it came out pretty successful.  I tweaked the current Iron Man costume, and added a little bit of mobility to the suit, that I couldn't see in the comics.  The one thing that I need to work from this, the A-10's are a little lacking; I wanted to focus the detail and color on the main figure, so I left off some contrast and detail, and I don't know that the out of focus and shaky cam I wanted really came through?

Anyways, I do like this one a lot, and I think there's growth from Thor last month, then Cap, Hulk, and now Iron Man - I felt they got progressively better.

Here's some in-progress images:

I actually did some matte work on this, and separately painted the figure from the background.

Then I flipped that mattework, and covered Iron Man, and airbrushed the background.  There's also a bit of paint in the energy ports...

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