Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, I got a little ahead of myself in the process archiving - I had done the first pass of green, with the airbrush, before realizing I didn't get a pic of the pencil drawing and wash.  Not that it's any different from the original sketch.

Well, maybe except for one thing, the aspect ratio of the canvas is 12x18", with the final frame is 11x16.5", so I had a little more space, that I drew out more of his lower lip, and crow's feet around his eyes.  Something I hadn't considered in the sketch transfer, so I kind of winged it, and it's not great.  Of course, if anybody ever framed this painting, they could always matte it to the correct ratio.  It's not really that big of deal, but it's something I should probably consider if I ever get to do a Marvel cover for real.

Now this is the finished paint pass, there's a little bit of wrinkling that the sun is picking up and making it look more warped than it actually is.  Of course all those wrinkles flatten out as soon as it gets cut off the deck...

This is after all the pencil work is done, and I go back with washes (and a bit more airbrush) to blend the mediums better together - in this case the pencils on his brow made it look a little like separated sections, rather than folds and creases over a single form.  A quick wash with the base color. and everything blends and softens, making it come together.

Tomorrow, the final...

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