Thursday, January 12, 2012

Land Shark - Certified Pre-Own

After college, and I was finally wholly supporting myself, I bought myself a new(er used) car.  What I traded in looked a lot like this, except it was colored tan.  Beautiful Ford Tan.  A 1988 Ford Tempo, missing a headlight, and featuring a dent on every single panel of the body.  Including the roof.  From the inside.  Wobbly steering column, bent seats, and an...'aroma.'

So that's the inspiration behind this version of the Land Shark, with coloring being influenced by my Dad's old '70 Camaro, Bottle Green with Black Stripes.  Which my mom made him trade in for a VW van.  Orange.  Because of too many speeding tickets, and the impending me.

On to the work - this is the same body as the version featured in the 'Lost' frame, just beat all to hell.  I removed some panels, showing more mechanical parts, added in a bunch of dents and textures, and some extra cabling,  just to keep the hunk of junk going!

All right, that's it for the Land Shark series!  I had a lot of fun with these...


Nat Dandridge said...

This looks so cool- I love the colour:)

Anonymous said...

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