Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Roman Lion


So this is the followup to the fishman image - I took all I learned from that (and the Predator) and threw it into this one.  I wanted to do an image with a lot of technical things to achieve; fabrics, leather, metal, hair, along with a more dynamic angle.

Why am I humanizing animals, like the fish and lion?  It's fun for me!  I like talking animals, what can I say?  A huge childhood influence on me was Disney's Robin Hood - give a fox a bow and arrow, and I'm sold.  And another thing I like to do is take cartoon-y things and try to give them a realistic iteration.  Kind of why I'm loving working on Transformers stuff...

Also, like the Predator, I saved out a step by step as I went along, that I'll post at the end of the week...

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