Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Predator! Look Out!!!

There's that ugly MF'er.

Here's a brief interstitial piece in between the Fishman, and the next image inspired by those techniques.  I had a lot of fun on the Fishman, but I wanted to explore a more dynamic armor, and actually paint something digitally from scratch, and leave my usual methods, developed by working on Transformer designs, in my toolbox, and develop some new approaches.

Looming over my monitor in my office, is the Hot Toys Predator, so I didn't look too far for a subject to use as a model.  The goal was to paint looser, building up from blocked in colors, rather than build up in grayscale, and color in a separate layer.  I also didn't let myself use selections or paths for clean lines and edges, though I may have hit the shift key here and there for ultra straight lines on the gauntlet.  I'm pretty happy with the results, I met the goals I set out to achieve, and it set me up for the next 'real' image.  But until then...

I actually saved off progress images as I went along, and in a few days I'll post a tutorial on how I created this image.  Something far more instructional than the work in progress images I usually post.

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