Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Star Wars Fighter Pods 03 - More Guys!

Of course I'm leading off with this one.  Assignment : Bespin Vader.  I originally concieved him in the Join Me pose, but Eric Siebenaler (the man behind the Pods) suggested a Force Push hand, for a more action oriented pose.  So I sketched in a new hand pose and we called it good.

And then Hasbro had this at San Diego Comic Con.  A GIANT one.  So awesome....

ARF Trooper.  With a BIG gun.

Clone Commander.  In a pretty cool twisted pose, but it didn't seem to quite translate to the figure.  I suspect a peg hole issue is the reason behind the repositioning of the feet...

Commander Neyo.  Looking all commanding and whatnot.

Coruscant Guard.  Looks like a repaint...originally Captain Rex, I think.

Magnaguard.  With his Purple Q-Tip of Electrical Doom.

General Grievous.  And in a stroke of genius, Eric added in the second saber.  I feel dumber for not having thought of it.  One of the coolest figures in this wave, in my opinion.

AT-AT Driver.  Back to Empire, this guy is in a 'Don't Make Me Run You Over With My Giant Robot Dog' pose.

Probot.  One of my favorite things from Star Wars ever.  So happy I got to do Pods version of this design.  This and the above Vader are my favorites from this wave...

Bespin Han Solo.  I gave him a cool guy pose.  In production, his hand got shifted down for a more action pose.  You don't want to mess with Han Solo, either way.

You might notice some of these character turns don't have the cleanest of lines in the artwork.  By this point, Eric and I had developed a really tight shorthand, and my contributions became more about quantity, as Eric would make tweaks on his end, before sending it farther down the production line.  So I just went crazy, from his lists of characters he wanted looks and poses for, A and B level characters that hadn't been addressed yet, drawing more obscure characters, or making wish lists for future characters.

I think it was the SDCC Hasbro presentation where they mentioned there will be characters you won't expect - and that's the truth.

Next week, some vehicles!

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