Wednesday, May 14, 2008


And here's the last bit of the story, and a couple more images.


Gearing themselves for a fight that might result in their deaths, they resolve their issues with their fallen comrade. The former Emperor admits he’s had a slight twinge a jealousy for the accolades the hero receives, and the demon had exploited that. Taunting him, manipulating him, the demon drove the seventh Guardian mad, turning him into a power hungry sorcerer, scattering the Guardian tokens to the four winds, destroying the kingdom he once fought to protect.

The hero says that they cannot defeat the demon without acting as a team, as one. The Guardians reunite as the original Seven, and begin their journey through the dark city, to infiltrate the demon’s lair, before it can summon power to restore evil throughout the land.

Along the way, they advance their technology and become stronger than they’d ever been before. After surviving the perils of the city, they reach the lair, and again battle the demon. Unable to win as separate entities against the demon, they join themselves, seven literally become one, represented as a giant mech warrior, magic and technology combined for a massive defender of light and freedom against the demon. A battle of epic proportions, it takes place underground, on the land, in the air, in the sea, it is a battle for the world, and the two fighters know it. The Guardians finally defeat the Demon, and evil again is vanquished. The Guardians return to their respective cities, acting again as protector of the people for as long as need be.


Years pass, as they always do, and the world again is prosperous and at peace. The hero approaches the boy, now a man, now the leader of his village, and entrusts him and his family with the tokens. For whenever evil appears the Guardians can again be called upon to protect those who cannot defend themselves…

The slapped together over filtered logo, and a marker of the central city.

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