Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bond Week! 02

This was a rude awakening! After the relative ease of punching up a near finished shot...I got this to start with. It was hard, both because it was my first effort on the project, and technically, as it was a very complicated structure in bright daylight. I tweaked the lighting a lot, but it still seems toy like to me.

That house really exists, so I tried hard to match within the perspective of the shot, but man, it was tough. The greenhouse and back of the house was pretty easy to set up since I got to make it up myself. Still the colors were tough to get around. But then again, the art direction was to show ALL of it, but maybe if this was the last one it would have turned out better?

I still haven't had enough practice to know what to do, maybe develop some kind of distance blur/daylight atmosphere to make it more realistic. Of course, if it's all my own stuff, I doubt I would do a noontime shot...something to work on in the down time...

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