Monday, November 24, 2008

Bond Week! 05

Should have called it 'Week of Bond!"

Oh well. Back to White Mansion - the inside layouts, part one.

The foyer to the mansion. The idea was to go fairly modern, but try to retain some of the mood of the exterior architecture, so lots of wood, but glossy, and stonework on the shared indoor/outdoor walls.

Same idea, I introduced some marble to the flooring. I threw that fishtank in there, and the AD liked it a lot, and the design style became 'Rich Guy Douche' and so I started pushing that idea.

More of the same, a little obnoxious, yet still trying to hold on to some sophistication. This may have been the last one I did, I see I forgot to go back in and fix the ground reflections, whoops!

*Some of the geometry shots have some of the final work embedded, they were texture free at the time of the assignments, but to manage the layers, I just flattened those elements into the originals - in case anybody noticed!

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