Thursday, November 18, 2010

She-Wolves! Look Out!

Here's a preview of the painting I'm contributing the Eat Your Art Out IV show held at Meltdown Comics, 02/26/11 in Hollywood, CA.  It will be a part of an auction to raise money for the Angel City Derby Girls, who, and I quote;

'(We) are a group of dedicated women athletes who have come together in a grass-roots effort to organize a democratic, DIY, member-driven and operated Los Angeles Flat Track Roller Derby League that abides by WFTDA rules and regulations in regards to the game of Roller Derby. We are building a strong league of highly skilled athletes who are prepared to compete in interleague/interstate WFTDA competitions.'

They, and the national league they are a part of, are complete and total badasses.  Who wouldn't want to help them out?  It's either that, or a skate over your foot and a knock to the nuts.

Anyways, back to the drawing above - the theme this year is Dark and Mysterious Origins of Nursery Rhymes, and after doing some research, all the best ones resulted in a king or queen getting their heads chopped off, which wasn't really inspiring me.  So I went to other way, and picked the wimpiest and most common rhyme, with the origin story literally being the content of the words - no mysterious origin here, for Mary Had a Little Lamb.

I decided to do the little known, (and oft told in hushed tones) story of the after school walk home, and how a pack of wolves came upon Mary and her Lamb, and tore them apart and ate them.  And because it's for ACDG, I wanted to incorporate a Derby theme...

I wanted to throw this up now, to plant the seeds of awareness of the event across the internets, but I probably won't get to the painting until Christmas break, and then I'll start posting about it again, when the event gets nearer.


nursery rhymes said...

Your right of course, many nursery rhymes do have particularly dark tones in their original forms. I do love the artwork you came up with for this one, great take on it.

Anonymous said...

Love! I would say post a final after the show. I know I want to be surprised. :)