Friday, May 20, 2011

BotCon! 02

Prime.  Optimus Prime.

This is the painting I created for the cover of my sketchbook for BotCon - I had posted the sketch for it a couple months ago, one on a pile of many scribbled out when I was kicking around the idea of actually getting a table at the convention.  Like I posted the other day, it's acrylic/airbrush and colored pencils, 12x18 inches.

Of course, this is a work in progress blog, so below are the gory details...

This is a shot of the under drawing, blowing up the original sketch, and getting a paint pass, with black acrylic to deepen the blacks.

I wanted to try something wispy and ethereal  for the background - as always I try to do a little experimentation with every piece.  I got it to a black and white stage I was happy with, and prepped it for color.

I had matted out Prime from the background, and painted both separately, and then when back for a third pass with the shadow colors to help bring the whole thing together.  And then it was on to pencils and paint touch-ups for the final, posted above.

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