Thursday, December 22, 2011

Space Marine 03

Final!  I did do some quick tweaks on the detailing, and revised those ships in the background, then turned on the color.

I filled the character selection with a base color, and then added a secondary color for the armor, but with this one I wanted to use a softer blend of overall colors with the airbrush, so after the two tone was set up, I just airbrushed a few different colors to enhance the tones and colors.  The background is a pretty soft blend, starting with the orange rocks, moving up to the lighter mist, with a blue transition  color moving to purple, and then the black of space.

Alright, time to get going on the last one of the Three Resolutions, Fishman!  And a long with further vehicle explorations from that LOST frame.

But first, a nice holiday break...

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