Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick Render - Batman

The Batman.  The last of the three quick renders, the focus being on how fast I could bust this out, and the secondary focus on lighting for this one.*

After I got this blocked in, I felt he was just too skinny, so I just stretched him width-wise out a bit.  I used the Path Tool to define the mask, but did the rest freehand.  (which is why the emblem is a little mushy - just wanted to see what I could get away with!)  For the lighting, it IS Batman, so I wanted the it to look like he's perched on some building, lit from the streets below.

After the color, I went back and used the Path Tool to pull a lighter tone across the top of the emblem, and add a couple seams to the cape.

And that's that.  Next, I'm going to put combine this practice work with my usual approach of path-select-fill super clean edge renders, and see what I can come up with, the subject will be The Flash.

*I'm not sure I mentioned the secondary goal for Wonder Woman, it was simply to render a female, not something I get a lot of chances to do, working on Boys IP stuff...

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