Friday, February 4, 2011

West Coast Bash 2011 T-Shirt

So here's the quasi-retro-design, meaning I had to work backward from the logo, reverse-engineering the color scheme into the suggestions that Robb made to me about what he and Elissa wanted for the tour shirt.

They basically asked for a ride from Magic Mountain (I took it upon myself to assign the classic, Colossus, a ride I've never been on, since it's ALWAYS under maintenance, it seems) and the old Log Ride from Knott's.  Which I've been on once, when I was 7.  Oh, how to tie them together?  I decided to make the tracks meet, making one become the other, and since we're here in SoCal, I designed an Art Deco badge and background to connect everything.

And so there it is, West Coast Bash 2011.

Check them out at!

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