Tuesday, February 1, 2011

West Coast Bash 2011 Logo

Theme Park Review is throwing another West Coast Bash, going to Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm for some Coaster Fun!

Robb asked me for a logo/front of shirt image ASAP, and then I could later do the illustration for the back of the shirt.  So I whipped this out as soon as I had a chance - the thing is, I usually do this part last, after I have the colors and fonts set to go with whatever we come up with for the little cartoon for the back of the shirt.

Let's see if I get away with in the next post...

Check them out at www.themeparkreview.com!


Edward said...

May I know the font name please? I really like it!

Ken Christiansen said...

Aftershock Debris CondSolid