Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Junker Ship

Sometimes, I'm working on projects, or have something coming up that I'm out of practice on, and I need to switch gears.  For example, one week I might be doing Fighter Pods, or something similarly cartoon/animated style, then need to jump on to a high resolution design project.  If I have the time, I'll whip up something to shake the rust off, and this is one of those images.

Because I wasn't going into it too seriously, I don't think I even set up perspective lines, I just started out with a black blob and worked out details from there.  I felt it was worth posting; I worked on it longer than I meant to, because I see what could be a cool concept in there - if I ever need a cargo ship, I might dust this one off and do it properly.

I almost posted this almost-non-post, but I thought maybe I should post my quick Starfield Photoshop Recipe to add some value - I take the airbrush, set it to dissolve, one click it with the mouse at 1% with around 20-30 size brush.  Then I scale it up to fit the frame.  Then I'll copy the layer and reduce opacity to around 50% and flip and rotate it to offset the copy.  Then I'll randomly reduce stars with a light eraser, or blow some out with a hit of soft airbrush.  I do it all with white, and let the cloud/background colors blend to add colors.

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