Friday, June 29, 2012

World's Finest sketches...

Watch out, bad guys.

So, the second pass at these guys yields better likenesses, and I'm pretty happy with this as a cool little sketch.  But, I need to put a little more time into Superman, so bye-bye for now, Batman.  (In Joker voice.)

This is a very meaningful image from my childhood, I had a similar poster of this when I was really little, along with Star Wars, Close Encounters, and an erupting Mt. St. Helens (being originally from Washington State) - it was a sideways poster I think, with a city street background.  And I, like MANY kids I'm sure, struck that pose and ran swoooooshing down the hallway towards my room.  And that was a run back then, although now it's literally two long strides from the old point A to point B.

But I digress - this will be the anchor to the next forgotten movie poster painting I do.

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