Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not A Movie Skrull

The Avengers was awesome, wasn't it?  I thought so, but I really didn't care for the alien (not going to even bother looking up how to spell Chi Atari) designs in the film.

As I sat down to crank out some warm ups, I had that Junker Ship going, and I also needed to do a figure design (a vehicle and a figure, wow, wonder what I was getting ready to work on...) and in the design I was going for, was going to be a new take on a Skrull.

Well, somewhere along the way I added a tail, and when I roughed in the hands and feet I did them very reptilian...and I started to get away from what I thought could be a cool Skrull design, and just refocused on the technical details, which was the point of the relatively quick exercises, not some grand statement.  So I painted it all up in monotone, and when I switched over to finish the Junker, my friend Adi released one of his designs from the film, which I absolutely loved - it totally re-inspired me - and when I came back to this final this Not A Skrull, I colored it with comic book themed colors. started out to be a movie Skrull, then it became just a monster alien design, then came 'round again to be a Skrull.  But not.

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