Monday, October 29, 2012

Transformers Prime : Rage of the Dinobots #3

Transformers Prime Shockwave, and.....

Hmm.  I don't think they've announced the actual name of this very shiny character yet.

Overall, it's your basic two guys standing there pose.  I liked the chance to get some lens flare in there, along with more molten slag, and the barrel rim of Shockwave's gun arm still red hot and smoking.  Atmosphere, sparks, and distant burned out buildings tie it all together.

Here's the layout for approval...

...and the final pencil and ink art to take digital.

So #4's image won't be released for another couple of weeks, I'll post the week it goes up for preorder - I think it's a good one!

Also, I'll be at the Long Beach Comic Con, Nov. 3rd and 4th, you can find me at #1401, Ken Christiansen/Bad Flip Productions.

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