Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going back to Oz - Troupe 01

It's finally time. Almost.

Doing final prep paintings to pick the colors and set the palette for the Wizard of Oz painting I've had composed for purt'near 18 months now...!


One last set of practice pieces, done with no testing or experimental techniques, taking all that I've learned the last few months and putting it ALL in to these smaller pieces. For the most part, they all will be at a smaller scale than the final, but all the colors will remain the same, so here we go...

This is the transfer drawing of the troupe of misfits, I created a much lighter prime, and incorporated some colors into the lighter intended shades of the features. If you checked out the older value composition, you can see I changed the Cowardly Lion, I found an image I liked much better...

And here is the prep for the paint pass; I deepened the darks, painted in the blacks, with another texture pass on top.

I'm saving the back half of Scarecrow's hat for near the end, that will be painted in with black, while I hope to have color and a rim highlight to separate it in the end.

Time to put this one aside, while I set up all the other drawings for Paint Day!

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