Monday, May 3, 2010

Slave Leia Portrait 02

I tried to do something a little different with the paint this time, an orange-y base, and then I added some red to the paint, and went over it again - it was really subtle, but I think it gave it a little more depth, and saved me a bit of extra rendering with the colored pencils. In any case, again the pencil work underneath blended really well with the airbrush colors.

The skin tones came out pretty fast, the paint really worked well, and it was mostly a matter of pulling out the highlights with the lighter colors, and not really using an skin tone matching pencils. I used a dark brown and a black for the dark parts, eyes, jawline, choker, hair...

And again with the finishing touches, white and black airbrushing, and some touches of white for the highlights. I haven't bitched about the scanning in a while, but this one in particular looks pretty good in real life.

Still, an A-, the dark gray prime holds it back, and while it's a decent job on the hair, it's a little lacking in 'life'.

Tomorrow - the final Princess Leia portrait post, something I like to call "AN EPIC FAILURE!" Stay tuned...

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