Friday, May 21, 2010

S.T.A.R. Re-Design 03

Look out! Black Hole!

So that's the S.T.A.R. final, a leaner, meaner, robot gunslinger. I think this is a good start to a redesign, I think a pass with fresh eyes would take it to another level; off the bat I see issues with the lower legs, the bicep area, and the idea of holsters is cool, but another pass at those would help out a lot.

Also, I have hopes that the re-make really pushes the Haunted Ship aspect, so that's why I gave S.T.A.R. a bit more of a beat up paint job.

So, Joseph Kosinski, I know you must read my blog everyday- I just wanted to let you know I want to work on your The Black Hole Remake.


Anonymous said...

I think that is a good re vision for the sentry robots, more specific STAR (Special Troop Arms Regiment) Prototype, however Dr. Rhinehart designed them to be security for the Cygnus. So with that said maybe not at much ot a ground / attack force look. Maybe something with this design, but leaner, and more apt to look like doing patrols around certain sectors of the ship. I think this could pass for as an advance form of the Sentry Guards, like an elite force.
But its an awesome design comeing from someone who really enjoys that movie. I really think you would do justice to the redesign.

Ken Christiansen said...