Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to Disneyland - Mainstreet Carriage 01

So I went back to Diz, and this time remembered to bring my camera!  I've been doing pretty good with likenesses and hard surfaces, but I still haven't really delved into the more organic and landscape areas with the painting.  It's also something I manage to avoid professionally as well, and it's something I really need to bring up to the levels of my character work.

Now this is not quite an organic shot, but it's something that I wanted to do from those initial round of sketches from back in it's included in the six or so images I want to tackle.  I've sucked at drawing horses since I was a little kid, and the carriage is not something I'm used to, like a spaceship or a car, so I think there's a lot for me to learn in this composition.

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