Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going back to Oz - Off to See the Wizard 02

This was a fun AND challenging one.  I had four characters that were all differently colored, but I had to maintain a level where they all hang together, and at a small size.  Of all of these, I suspect this one to be at 1:1 size to the final, about 8.5 inches across, hand to elbow.

It's always amazing to me how much the pencils bring out the forms, from a dark and unfocused paint wash, to forms and details...and it's a lot of fun to do it.

Overall this one should go through the same process on the final canvas, but Dorothy's likeness didn't come quite's so small, so that's OK, but it should at least FEEL like it's her.  I think a small change to the mouth and nose would solve that problem.

On to the last one...

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