Friday, June 4, 2010

Going back to Oz - Dorothy 02

Success.  Mostly.  You know I have to be hard on myself!  I am very pleased the under pencils merged so well with the paint, it came out very saturated and warm.  Also, I tried to changed her expression a little bit, but I think for the final I'm going to go back to the wide-eyed wonder from my original source image.

Final!  A couple accidents occurred with this one though...we've lost power off and on this week, and while I had time in between feedback on my work project, I grabbed this one to finally finish with no power, just the sunlight.  And I kinda messed it up around the lips, following the wrong line with a dark pencil...I managed to erase most of that out and re-do it, but it's still no quite right.  Then I grabbed it and rubbed my hand across it on the way out to get spray fixed!  I smeared a line from her lip..oh well...all the work had been done, colors cataloged, etc.

I didn't bother to create soft highlights, or make a nice background or anything, so accidents aren't a big deal...but if mess up on the big one, I'll take the time to fix stuff like that.

So that's it for OZ for now...I'm in the middle of the transfer process, so progress is being made...but it might be awhile before I get the whole series put together culminating with a final.  So for now, you can probably look forward to some more development on those pesky Bounty Hunters!

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