Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Going back to Oz - Flying Monkeys 02

Good color mixes for this, I was really happy how the paint came out.  But, uh-oh, I forgot my plan, and messed something up.  I had meant to have the red of the lips painted in first, since the bottom lips on both meet up against the black, I was just going to carry the spray over from one lapel to the other, and hit the lips in the middle.  I did not do that, I put in the blues first, and filled in the whole head.

Whoops.  So I went over it a little bit with the red, and tried to avoid creating a purple, and hope for the best with the pencils.

Look out!  Flying Monkeys!  Creepy little buggers...

Again, as these are smaller background characters, I was a little looser with the pencil rendering, going for a bit more of 'representational energy,' than smooth subtlety.

So that's that for the monkeys, paint and pencil colors cataloged and set for the final piece.

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