Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dawn of Apocalypse 02

Quick update, still working on this one in the after hours...here's the paint prep, the drawing transferred to the canvas, with the darks painted in black, and some texture.

Here's the airbrush pass, getting all the colors in there.  I masked off the figures from the backgrounds, and tried the airbrush spatter technique this time, rather than my old tried and true toothbrush.  I think it worked well for this, as the paint spattered out in more deliberate directions than I sometimes get with the brush.

And finally, a quick scan of the work in progress - I nearly have all the pencil work done, now I need to balance the values, and do the f/x and highlights.


Kieran Marsh said...

So is this awesome design all by hand, or have you done it on the computer?
Love the artwork btw!

Ken Christiansen said...

Thanks! With the paintings I do all the design and composition work in photoshop, along with the quick color comps.

In the olden days, you used to have to use a photocopy machine to get all the elements worked out, if you did want to redraw everything, now it's way faster just to use photoshop.

So I sketch out the composition and figures on paper, scan it in and make adjustments, print it out, and then use a light table to do the tight drawing over my original rough sketches.

Then that drawing goes into the computer to do the color comp, and I use the same drawing to project onto the final canvas - from there on out it's hand done, airbrush and color pencils.

Scan the final back in, and I try to digitally match as close as possible to the actual painting.