Friday, September 30, 2011

Epic #3 - Predator

Dutch and Team, about to get their badasses kicked.  One of my all time favorite movies (got the Hot Toys classic Predator on Pre-Order!) that never really had an epic image for the poster/marketing.

Of course, this is nearly 25 years after the fact, so spoiler, it's about an alien.

This epic series is chugging along in the background, the Road Warrior is transferred to the final 30x40" canvas/board, and is getting drawn, along with thumbnails for the next two ready to go to this comp stage - Superman the Movie (I&II combo) and Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

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KJ said...

OMG!!! You are barely into this piece of artwork and it might be my fav all-time of yours?!? Your Predator is SICK! Jesse "The Body" Ventura's gatling gun is truly a "sexual tyranasaurus!" Kenny... this one is Charlie Sheen-style EPIC!