Thursday, May 20, 2010

S.T.A.R. Re-Design 02

OK, so here's the gray scale block-in. I have everything clearly defined, shapes, relative light source, etc. This is where I start judging the design, and seeing where fixes could be made, before making a final detail pass.

While I had a very specific vision for the head, it was not coming across in the straight on view, I couldn't manage to get the shading to insinuate a sloped back look, nor the depth - I tried to keep the general shapes of the original mask, but the goal was to re-orientate them into an updated look.

So I scrapped that head, and built another one up, based on a view from an earlier design sketch...

Much better, much more aggressive. With that solved, I went ahead with more adjustments, notably around the waist and thighs - I eliminated that rounded element that sat on his lower torso, and created a more angular solution, that fit the design flow better. And I wanted to get across the gunslinger vibe from the movie, so I fashioned these quasi-holsters for the twin barrel blasters, built into the legs. Another carry-over from the film - these guys were obviously guys in suits, walking around like robots, the costumes just had leather gloves to cover their hands, so I wanted to emulate that, by giving that drastic cut in the shapes across the forearms.

On to the 'paint shop!'...

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Anonymous said...

I'd so make this as a costume if someone would make a pepakura file for it :)