Monday, November 2, 2009

How an Art Nerd makes a Jack O'Lantern

So I wanted to make cool Jack O'Lanterns this year, first year in our own house and all - I wanted our porch to look great. So I started off with some really quick sketches for His and Hers punkins. My wife, of course, wanted a cat, and I wanted something a bit more spooky. I pretty much had the designs in my head before I picked up the pencil, so after a a couple false starts, I had them down on paper.

I scanned the sketches in, and then did the lineart with the Paths Tool in photoshop, just set up the line art, and hit Fill. I knew I wanted the ears to be a part of the 'lid' of the pumpkin...

...but mine was a lot easier to set up, as it was all going to be the face, and I was just going to freehand the lid. Like a normal person. Believe me, I had a moment of 'what the hell am I doing?' in the middle of this involved process, but they sell stencils after all, SOMEONE has to make them, right?!?

And here's the final product, and I have to say...I thought I did a pretty good job. I'm usually pretty sucky at 'craft' type artwork, but I AM a process machine, and it seems like the plan worked out!

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Anonymous said...

They're so cool!