Monday, November 16, 2009

TF1 - Cybertron 05

So the next step in developing these backgound ideas for Cybertron, was to take all of those sketch elements and do some refinement, and throw on some color cues...

...taking some of those Bridge sketches, I picked some of the better deco ideas, and did a quick lineart sketch...

and added a splash of color to get at least a comprehensive idea for this area. I added in some running Autobots to get a little movement in the frame.

This one is just a basic city sketch, just to show a more expanded view of the map. I had the idea of a light rail traffic/transport system, which needed posts, along with regular roadways.

I altered the sketch a bit as I got to the color stage. It was not reading well, so I flipped it, and added a small bridge in the foreground.

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