Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TF1 - Cybertron 06

These are some 'underground' type ideas. Something to explore a little more of the grungy area of Cybertron, kind of the industrial war time areas.

First up is a smelting room, where they can re-purpose parts, or melt down enemies? This was someone else's idea, which I thought was great, but hadn't really explored in sketches, so I kind of winged the drawing - it came out OK, but the horizon lines are a mess.

So I hid those lines with the color key. Even though those colors are thrown on there really fast, I wanted to make sure to get across the dingy, oily mess that the area needed to differentiate from the rest of the planet, and break up the monotony of 'space world.'

Another underground shot, kind of a back alleyway, a little area off the beaten path.

The colors aren't quite what I had in mind - I wanted it to be really dark in the foreground, and pretty well lit in the background, to get across the 'hideyhole' idea. So when I turned it in with those notes that when I did the final keyframe, I was going to push the lighting more. I threw in a couple of bots doing some quick repairs.

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