Friday, November 13, 2009

TF1 - Cybertron 04

Another concept to get a bunch of pre-vis sketches was a trench area. Again mostly to find basic geometry, and then cherry pick details for the next stage of development.

Along with studies for details, I threw in some battle damage concepts, and what Cybertronian Rubble might look like.

This is just a combined view of the top two images.

And then an even further pulled out shot.

And here's just a few detail sketches, some things I might have put in that I wanted to see a little more clearly. Also still trying find a solution to the was something I found I couldn't sketch, so I put it aside to do some colored and painted ideas to better show what I had in mind.

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Lee said...

just stumbled upon your stuff, amazing, great sketches. so full of life