Friday, November 6, 2009

TF1 - Shockwave 05

Triple Changers are hard. Even with CG Magic. You really have to account for stuff! I'm glad I pushed for the vehicle modes I did, it made things a lot easier, especially in the alt modes transformations. Vehicle to Robot wasn't really any more difficult to reconcile than the other drones I had done....

...because the main two vehicle cues for the bot mode were the helicopter's canopy, and the front vent of the Super Howitzer. Once those fell into place, it became easier to make up the rest of the bot with the other 'must-haves,' like the gun arm and head.

This is the tricky one. My plan to have the long Apache body to conceal the barrel of the Super Howitzer seemed to work, but it was a lot of sketching, trial and error to figure out a believable transformation between the two. And really, only in make believe land, I can't imagine how to do this in a toy, without seriously compromising the designs. Of course, that's not my department, I'm sure some genius could approximate it at the very least.

So that's it for Shockwave...!


FFN said...

At least this might have less CG fakery than some of the movie bots, like Frenzy and his magical transformations.

COMBOY said...

I really really appreciate you by sharing your concept arts for TF the Game, I planned a long time ago to make a "Leader Class Shockwave" kitbash by using an apache helicopter scale model toy. :)

Maty said...

Shockwave doesn't do the last one in the game, Just Super Howtizer to robot, robot to Helicopter, Helicopter to robot.I'm a big fan of the drones, they stay the same on the Wii and PS3 versions, even with Wii's lame graphics, they look like the PS3 version Drones.
Also, in the game Shockwave was Purple