Monday, November 9, 2009

TF1 - Cybertron 01

This art was actually created in the time between the enemy drones, and the Shockwave character...there was talk of Cybertron in the movie script, and about it possibly being cut, or reduced somehow. As far was we knew, there wasn't any movie concept for that sequence to pull reference from, but it was being considered as a level in the game.

So I got asked to tackle imagining the Cybertron for the movie-verse. I pulled reference of Cybertron from the toon of course, and got started with some rough sketches.

All of these were done with Sharpies, kind of a really quick shape exploration. I wanted to find shapes for towers, bridges, alleys - all kinds of dynamic areas for game maps.

At this point I wasn't too concerned with finding the 'badass' look, it was more about finding little bits here and there to cherry pick from in the next round of development. Of this structure, maybe the only worthy thing is the doorway...

...and this led to the idea of the world being a series of overlayed structure - ignoring the building, and just taking the background idea!

Some more structure pairing these buildings, does this somehow connote an industrial complex, rather than a military or residential area on Cybertron? Maybe...

By the time I got to this last idea, I was starting to find shapes and structures to develop, so for the last drawing...

...I put it all together in a rough layout.

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