Monday, August 17, 2009

TF2 - Omnibot Charger 03

Burly Boy Charger! This guy is also one of my more favorites. I'm in love with the blower being integrated into the 'heart' of his chest - I'm a lot more familiar with the engine workings of these old cars, so I'm able to bring a lot of those elements into the construction of the body.

Here's the one shot of the green version I'm posting, it just doesn't have the impact, kind of like that blue SLR. Not even different graphics...

Again, stacked up the glass in the back, but I tried to differentiate it with a new back/roof panel arrangement. I alos went with a 'hooded' lower leg idea, with the bumper and tail lights wrapping around, up and over, with the shocks and struts being the support, and the ankle joint being under the wheel.

One of the dangers of doing these turnarounds, as a opposed to a 3/4 view, is sometimes it's hard to match up the fronts and backs, and if I had anything to say bad about this guy, the solution to match the mid-torso area is a little weak. I know in the movie-verse, these parts get sliced and diced to death, but I like to scale that back a bit, and at least have be logical to exist. This still looks like a match-up to me, rather than designed.

Other than that though, he's a good one.


Anonymous said...

This one looks awesome, although, when I saw the green one Ratchet was the first thing to come to mind... They both share the green chunky sorta look.

Not a bad thing though!!


The Dragon General said...

Where's the back side of the green version??

Anonymous said...

Best part about the blower chest; it's in the correct position that the real human heart is in!

Also, this guy got used in the DOTM game. Pain to face due to the fact that he soaks up bullets, but can kill you rapidly.