Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Transformers : Continuum Out Today!

I'm getting emails about this today - I thought it was shipping on the 25th, but hey...I'll take it now!

The reviews have been, at best...mixed. My favorite hater comment was that Spike looked like a profile picture from an emo's MySpace page! Second favorite was 'Worst Cover Ever.' I have to hope that it was written with Comic Book Guy's voice in mind...ah, fandom.


FFN said...

Actually, most of the negative commentary has been from the rather poor content within. Basically, this book isn't very useful for the newcomer to IDW's G1 comics because it's inaccurate and just plain wrong in several areas, and long-time readers don't need it,

Ken Christiansen said...

Not when it was just this and the preview pages...but I feel bad that Andy's getting such a drubbing, and there are some gaps in my G1 collection, so I'm happy to have the listed chronological order, at least.