Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Transformers : Continuum Cover 04

Final! The original submission got rejected by Hasbro; I had a more 'rim-light' solution to separate the characters, but they wanted a more cloudy vignette, and they wanted me to add in Prime's shoulder. So by adding in the shoulder, it knocked the balance off, and since I was adding in the 'cloudy' atmosphere, I extended it out on the right side of Soundwave, to even it out. And a nice addition, it brought out Shockwave's gun hose a bit more.

So that's about it, comes out in November!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Looks fantastic!!

Jimtron said...

Terrific cover, Ken. I love the style - I think it works great for the subject matter.

Ken Christiansen said...

Thanks Jim - couldn't have done it without the Ark!