Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TF2 - Custom Seeker for 'Frogger'

So I know an F18 pilot. Or former F18 pilot I should say, he's now Top Gun, flying an F-5, training new batches of supreme American badasses.

Geoff Hughes, as I know him -the dude I went to Middle and High School with - or as it's written on his old Super Hornet, LT G.D. Hughes, "Frogger". Now it's 'LCDR Geoff Hughes' on his F-5.

The least I could do is throw his name up on the Seeker, (sadly it couldn't be in the game that way, because of the damnable legal department!) so hopefully he knows we're thinking about him, while he defends our country.

He's a real American Hero, and I'm proud to know him. Stay safe up there, buddy!

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