Monday, July 13, 2009

TF2 - Protectobot Scout 02

So here is the Charger-not-a-Charger Scout, vehicle mode. Pretty straight forward, as far as police styling goes, mag wheels and sleeker front bumper pad, LED siren lights. And of course, here and there lines are changed, front and rear lights, the usual legal evasions.

The coloring idea was blue and white, like the G1 Protectobots, but after having it so light blue, we went back in and darkened it. This pic is the original color submission. Above it, I thought you guys might like to see a little process - I pretty much do a neutral gray. I keep the elements on separate layers, the body, the windows, the lines/elements (door handles, seaming, etc.), the shadows, and the highlights. This leaves nearly unlimited coloring possibilities, I can change the colors, and add badging and stripes, or anything else, and maintain the integrity of the car elements, with minimal adjustments.

The fact that it's a white car kind of led me to this technique, I wasn't doing it for the Combaticons, but helped a lot in the months to come. The conceit we used for the coloring was mostly white with blue for the car, 50/50 for the Warrior truck, and then mostly blue for the Sniper chopper, so I had to come up with something a little more adaptable while I designing the paint apps for these guys...

And then the transform sequence. Tomorrow, I'll talk more about it, but I do realize I should have used more Streetwise, and less Prowl, for an influence...but c'mon.


Autoconempire said...

Hello Ken,
What makes Protectobot so remarkable is how much he looks like the original Prowl. In addition I really like you’re Generation one inspired work, has a very real world aesthetic to them, yet are easily recognizable, is there any chance we will see more of your re-designs in the G1 based DLC for the TF2 game, possibly a G1 Megatron or Prime? I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Thank you as always for your hard work it is greatly appreciated.

Beau said...

Just the other day I was commenting to someone how i wished they'd had Prowl in the movies as a Charger I was thinking highway patrol as around here that's what I tend to see using the chargers more, nice to see I wasn't the only one with that thought.

I'd also love to see Hasbro make these characters all into deluxe or voyager size figures.