Thursday, July 16, 2009

TF2 - Protectobot Warrior 02 *

This was the first pass at the Warrior vehicle, based somewhat on a Bearcat. Obviously, we still hadn't settled on the blue yet, but this is where I found the color for the Protectobots. It was pretty close to what the Bearcat is sold as, but I was asked to go back in and 'Ratchet' it up.* As I did with the armored car from the last game - when in doubt kids, add diamond plate! I gave it lift kit, beefed up the winch on the front, added a step deck to the back, emergency boxes, bigger flashers...

...and so this is the final product. You can also see I was asked to change the flame thrower on top. I didn't necessarily agree with that, but I was able to use the original for the bot mode.

Makes for an imposing opponent when you see this come barreling after you!

*After my breaking away from the approved grayscales kept getting me in trouble with Luxo, I was starting to get gunshy with adding or changing stuff as I went, and so it started with this character, my sticking as exactingly as I could to the approved stuff, but then that didn't seem to work for them either. It kinda sucked for awhile, but laid down a good development system for future characters.

*Update! It was brought to my attention I forgot to add the transformation sequence for this guy - so here ya go!


Autoconempire said...

Hello Ken,
It kind of suck how you were policed about how you designed many of the characters, I guess that is the nature of the beast though.

Fort Max said...

My only complaint is that I don't think I've even seen the vehicle mode in the game, same for the combaticon warrior, they're always in bot mode, lol.