Wednesday, July 8, 2009

TF2 - Sniper Class Combaticon 02

Vehicle mode for the Sniper Vehicle Mode. This one went through a lot of legal revisions, to get away from the exact shapes of the real Comanche. But now, playing the game, it seems like they kept the original submission.

Which was this -and the original Decept Star, not only because it looks better, but it actually fit the space better, design-wise.

The front and back is pretty straightforward, I can't think of anything significant to say about, other than nearly every change to the side needed to be addressed in either the front of back views - which was a pain.

And again, the proposed transformation sequence.


Pete g said...

Hey dude this is great stuff, i really enjoyed seeing your whole creative process, i hope to do this one day, i do stuff like this now for fun but you seem like you enjoy your work....and i know how it feels to have to revise stuff, its like telling you your work is almost good enough. my opinion, your fucking awesome man. Beside drawing it out wat programs do you use for your finals....if any?

pete g.

Ken Christiansen said...

Hey, thanks a lot!

So far the revision I mentioned are mostly for legal purposes, which don't really concern good or bad work. It's more a matter of 'the real car has round headlights, you can do square headlights, and we'll be safe.'

And later when I post characters that did have artistic revisions, I'll mention reasons and arguments, but truthfully, when you work with a great creative team like Luxoflux, the headaches and revisions almost always lead to a better design.

Photoshop is about the only program I use. Sometimes in the set-ups for drawing, I might use Max to define tough angles or shapes, and sometimes Poser to find a pose.

James Snelgrove said...

After the track record in the first movie game of most of the designs finding their way, somehow, into toy form (most, but not all) I have a very high level of excitement building up over the possibility of a Commanche transformer toy. The Commanche has for ages been one of my fave vehicle designs.

Was it you who chose the vehicle to base it on, or did they just say they needed a helicopter sniper?