Monday, July 6, 2009

TF2 - Warrior Class Combaticon 03

And here he is, the Big Boy. With this one I finally started to hit my stride, after about a year off from making bots, it started to come together. This might be my favorite guy in the game, I thought JT and his team did an outstanding job bringing him to life. I really like how the 'torso skirt' came out, I was going for a samurai armor type...thing.

One of the biggest challenges is to find homes for wheels. Trying to hide eight tires was kind of a pain to figure out, but since he was an oversized character, I gave him those Popeye forearms, split the front tire in half, and slid the second in between. The back two acted as knee and ankle joints.

Whoops...I see this one has the old star on there...that might come up time to time for these...simple revisions never got an updated lo res flat file submitted.

But yeah, he's beefy all around, and a bitch to face two at once in the game.

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James Snelgrove said...

Why did you need to "hide" the wheels?