Monday, July 20, 2009

TF2 - Protectobot Sniper 03

So after I got back from vacation, the two major revisions requested were the Combaticon Warrior (discussed previously) and the Protectobot Sniper vehicle mode. Hasbro wanted the rotor changed from a jet, to an enclosed blade, like the Combaticon Siper.

Easy enough to fix, I pretty much had the element finished, just needed to resize it to fit the tail, and repaint it in Protectobot colors.

Why you ask, did they want to change the rotor? I think it may have something to do with the Blazemaster figure. With a repaint, and just a bit of additional tooling, that figure could easily become a figure of the Protectobot Sniper.

So anyways, I made a few adjustments to the robot design, and started in on the final bot views...


James Snelgrove said...

I love your transformation sequences. Did the other two protectobots not get them done up or did I miss something?

Ken Christiansen said...

The Scout does have his sequence posted, but I forgot to add in the Warrior's - he is now updated!