Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TF2 - Omnibot Trans Am 01

I'll bitch about the Trans Am choice in the next post. But, here are some bot sketches - I did these in the same batch as the Charger sketches, so you can see some carry over of ideas here and there.

The top right of the sketches was the final choice, so I redrew the sketch, and added tone, and this was sent off to Hasbo for approvals.

But since it was a Trans Am/Firebird, we took the opportunity to see if we could get away with some sort of Hot Rod decal on the hood. I did some variations of the Firebird decal with the Autobot symbol included, a straight Hot Rod re-do, and one with a design somewhere in the middle.


Anonymous said...


The second decal down from the top would ROCK as a tattoo!!!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a firebird decal with the autobot symbol in it like your sketch for the hood. I don't know if your still working on this project but, that is the closest thing I have found. I want to use it on my Firebird for the sail panel where the stock Firebird Decal goes. Can I use that one or even better do you have a more refined or cleaned up version around? let me know please.

Ken Christiansen said...

Sorry, that's the hi-res I had.