Monday, August 3, 2009

TF2 - Aerialbots 03

The Unpainted Man stands. I like this one, I thought the arms were a pretty good solution to break up the standard shoulder and elbow conventions, and with the jets I tried to play a lot with the idea of hydraulics and linkages holding everything together. More an idea of creating jointing appropriate to the vehicle - linkage for jets, as opposed to the differential and disc brake gearing approach of the ground vehicles.

This view shows off the airframe, which I almost lost - I placed it in the block-in, showing a lot more with the intent of integrating better as I took it to final, but Luxo had a big reaction, and I had to talk them down a bit. That's a tough thing, they took a lot of things too literal in the roughs, which is how I best work, get all the ideas in there fast, and refine as I go. Their approach was to lay all the groundwork even in the tone drawings - but to me those are the most basic of ideas, to set up the discovery of new ideas along the way.

The side view is my favorite of this guy, just in that it illustrates the movie-ification of a G1 concept, with the canopy/nose, meeting the tail/engine to form the back torso.

It pleases me, I wish I could have done as well for all of them!

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