Thursday, August 6, 2009

TF2 - Stunticons - Reventon 03

This guy is so skinny, two of them can fit on one page! Maybe it's that he's very tall, you can notice the scale of the wheels looking a little small, that's a tip-off to indicate height to the model builders. All the vehicle cues are scaled down to give the impression of size, and in the transformation, I wanted him to have a 'stacking' effect as he goes from car to bot.

Usually I have these guys transform with the mass being distributed fairly evenly, with the top mass being from the front of the car, and the legs coming from the rear of the car - this guy is kind of a top and bottom transformation. The arms come from the sides and tail lights, with the engine windows making up the back of the torso, and the traditional headlights on the chest area. Then the legs come from the rear end of the car heading towards the front elements, including the running board.

Here's the alt paint jobs highlighted separately.

This is one of my faves from the game, I don't know if he's on the figure list or not, but I hope so - I'll fight him against Sideswipe!


Anonymous said...

A GT by Citroen Stunticon would be cool.

Anonymous said...

I played the Game and the Stunticons are actually quite Big for Cars, the are taller than Bumblebee.