Friday, August 7, 2009

TF2 - Stunticons - SLR 01

By now I had lots of vehicle variations to choose from, so these were a mix of new and old, and given the Mercedes SLR vehicle cues...and apparently I nailed it with the sketches, and they picked the one in the middle.

So that image got cleaned up and tone added to it, and got sent off to ol' Hasbro for approvals.

I wasn't really familiar with this car, I'm more of a muscle car guy than a super car guy, and even the stock model isn't that impressive to me (looks-wise only, of course) but the tricked out racing ones are pretty cool looking.


Mark D said...

Your Stunticons are fantastic dude.

Anonymous said...

Actually its a Shame that the Stunticons are that weak in the game, actually Stunticons/Menasor are the strongest Decepticon Combiner Group in G1. They Defeated Devastator and Bruticus.
Also it is sad that there are no unlockable Galleries from them in the Game.
When there is TF3 Game and Stunticons Drones aswell, you should try to make Stunticon Truck Drones based on motormaster. That would be badass.