Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TF1 - Sector 7 Drone 02

The final views for the Sector 7 Drone. With this one, I used a bit of basic modeling to help me out with the treads, those are pain in the ass to freehand, if you don't have photo reference in the exact perspective you need, so I busted out my Max version 3, from my pre-Nintendo days, before the turn of the century. Oh boy.

I thought as a design, this guy came out pretty cool, but was so compromised to be able to make it in the game, it's some weird not-quite-appropriate interloper in the Transformers world. If it had been able to be bi-pedal, or had literal arms, head, or something humanoid robot-like, it would make more sense in this universe. In the end, it looks like it belongs to GI Joe instead.

I hadn't seen any levels, but I had set photo reference of the Sector 7 base, so I used those graphics and color tones to define the deco of this drone. Again, any reason to use 56 is taken advantage of...

The back view is where I tried to put in the most 'robot' type elements, showing the rotators, springs, balance systems, all that kind of engineering to get the impression of functionality. The idea that these were kind of in-process designs for S7, and they were front loaded with armor, but still a little exposed in the back.

Man, what if this guy transformed into a robot, that would have been somethin'...

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Dennis Cornetta said...

Holy hell that final shot is INTENSE! So much detail! Your work is always so clean, I love it.