Friday, October 9, 2009

TF1 - Truck Drone 02

The finals for the truck drone. Originally just gray, after the toys were being decided on, Hasbro sent us their graphic preferences, so I took him to the paint shop, and matched up as close as I could to the toy. This is before I fully figured out how to keep a separate graphic layer, and know what other layers to keep separate, to make the changes really the purple doesn't blend very naturally. It gets the idea across, at the very least.

Again...'quaint.' I did weird stuff with the front wheels, and ignored the rear wheels, split up the glass in strange ways...of course I designed him before I knew he was going to be a toy, but I should have not sliced up too many of the elements - again needing to emulate what we were aware of at the time with the movie designs.

So this is Dropkick, and I think the toy design came out better than the game version that I did. Somehow I missed getting the bulk, and taking advantage of the mass that the truck has versus the car, and created a more spindly character than I meant to. This version of him pushes what I had started into a more well rounded design. He's pretty cool...

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Fox Convoy said...

I have to say that dropkick is one of my fave trasformers of all time in fact im a massive fan of all the "drone" toys but dropkick here one that never really leaves my desk ^^